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Hey Chuck! Love your work. What advice would you give for young writers?


Okay, long answer here.  A writer friend, Doug Coupland, recently told me about medical studies that suggest the final developmental changes in the human brain occur around the age of 31.  When asked, most people — for the rest of their lives, regardless of their actual age — will say they feel 31 years old.  I’d written for several years, but at 31 I wrote ‘Fight Club’ and that age seemed to allow me the peace to sit and concentrate.  A peace I didn’t have in my 20’s.  My advice is to live a rich, interesting life, practice writing if you want, but don’t beat yourself to produce your best work until after the age of 31.  Okay?  Okay.

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SLOTTSFJELL 2014 (by Michael Ray)

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My daughter had a friend named Max. She told me Fight Club is his favorite movie. I told her never to talk to Max again.
by David Fincher (via howardbrackett)
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